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Tantra Sex Teacher Training
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Welcome by the Orginal Authentic Tantra Teacher Training of the KYSA programma! This is a...

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Welcome by the Orginal Authentic Tantra Teacher Training of the KYSA-programma!

This is a professional training program from the KYSA. This is a path of personal and spiritual realization. Imagine having a career that was also alive calling. Imagine being trained and qualified to facilitate others in healing their deepest wounding and reclaim more of their potential in life. Imagine being an inspiration leader in the community by embracing your own journey of self-healing and self-empowerment.

This is the most comprehensive program you will find in the field of Tantra education, combining the most advanced energy healing practices from the Tibetan Tantric and Taoist traditions, with the best contemporary approaches to trauma release. While becoming a Teacher for others you will be evolving spiritually, transforming the root causes of what’s holding you back from living your fullest potential. Experience growth and expansion which you can use to help others. The Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teachings of this modality stem from an unbroken lineage of teachers dating back 2600 years.

What is Orginal Authentic Tantra from KYSA with the SSMHG Association?

The original Tantra is a unique style of Tantra in the West.
It is a rare form of yogic practice in which the Tibetan 5 Element Practices are applied as a sexual healing modality, for the purpose of catalyzing a profound transformation of body, mind, and spirit.
Practicing Authentic Tantra awakens the innate potential for healing that is embedded in human sexuality when it is honored as integral to our sacred, human existence and practiced with awareness, compassion, and loving-kindness.

The modality is based on ancient and contemporary knowledge about how socio-cultural conditioning causes emotional, mental and physical suffering, specifically in the area of sexuality. In this context “sexuality” is understood as a fundamental part of human existence, including but not limited to genital stimulation and arousal, our feelings, needs, belief systems, and how we relate to our selves and others.

Socio-cultural conditioning shapes the way we think, feel and act. At its core is the ignorance that comes with the idea of separation; We believe that our body is separate from our thinking and feeling, that our sexuality is separate from all things sacred, that as individuals we are separate from other beings and from our environment.  In the area of sexuality, ignorance leads to some of the most outspread, violent and many-layered sources of suffering.


The Orginal Tantra Sex Teacher Training combines the following practices:


  • The Tibetan 5 Element Practices for healing body, mind, spirit and sex

  • Taoist Sexual Yoga Practices from a 5,000-year-old tradition

  • Tantric Movement Practices for healing and awakening more pleasure

  • Non-Violent Communication for cultivating profound empathy and compassion

  • Somatic/Tantric Healing Principles for healing sexual and emotional trauma

  • Contemporary cutting-edge knowledge of sexuality, trauma and holistic healing

  • And more........


This Tantra Certification program is for you if…

-You are looking for a Tantra Certification program with a deep level of authenticity
-You want to establish a holistic Tantra coaching business that is grounded in your own You want to help others heal and transform their sexuality.
-You are committed to personal and spiritual growth
-You yearn to embody the sacredness of sexuality and share that with others
-You thrive when you feel fully supported, both personally and professionally
-You want to help transform this planet

Tantra Sex Teacher Training Content:

**History, the polarity of sex,

Multiple orgasms for men,

Tantra and Yoga,

Tantra and accept yourself,

Working on the basis,

Time for Tantra,


A holy place,

Bandhas and tantric fitness for him and her,

Tantric dance,


** Chakras,

Meditation and tantric setting,

Shiva and love,

Purification ritual,

Breathing and eye contact,

Kingdom of the divine,

Shiva and Devi,

Shiva Linga,

Tantric touch of erogenous zones,

Tantric sex and discharge,


**Completely let go,

Tantric touch,

Tantric sex and its discharge,

Roll Change,

Support for sex,

Tantric turn,


**Tantric sex,

Erotic massage,

Tantric kiss,

Be one with tantra.

The first Sutra,

Hurry and orgasm,


The second Sutra,


Massage of the YONI,

Lingam Massage,

The third sutra,

Forget yourself,

Techniques and context,

The fifth technique,

Her holy place,

His holy place,


**Cosmic orgasm,


Feelings of happiness and warmth,

Mutual tantric masturbation,

Gunni Lingus,

Sex is the beginning,


Stimulation of the clitoris,


Meditation Process,

Sex energy,

Rest and enjoy,

Sex Act,

The head of the penis and the frenulum,

Penis, Task.

**The surrender,



Anal Play,

Sex Energy,


A central point of Tantra,

Meditative experience,

Anal pleasure for her,

Anal fun for him,

Life Force and sex,


Tantric bumping,

Pleasure no lust, Task.

**How to do the tantra in practice,



Dry orgasm,

Sex Toys For her,


Sex toys for him,

Kama Sutra,

Lotus posture,

Aware of what you perceive,

The man above,

The woman above,

Buttocks position, Task.

**Step by step to become a Tantra Sex teacher,

Practical Information,


Tuition Fee,


Tantra Teachers training,


Basic Skills,

Teaching materials,


Breathing Exercises,

Pleasant place,

Motivation test and Exam.


Tantra isn’t only focused on reaching a higher state of mind-body consciousness. It can also be about creating a deeper, more harmonious bond with your partner.

When you practice tantra, you and your partner learn to be physically aware and spiritually present, feeding each other energy that continues to grow well after you’ve finished having sex.

Tantra also allows you both to explore and expand all aspects of your personalities, so that you begin to truly know the other person inside and out. Interested in practicing tantra, but don’t know how to approach this conversation with your partner? 

Try not to overwhelm your partner with information. Instead, explain to them what you enjoy about your sex life and how you could enhance the experience.

Listen to what they have to say. Your partner may give you an enthusiastic yes or a hard no. Or they may be somewhere in the middle. No matter their response, listen to and respect what they have to say.

Let a teacher lead the way. If your partner is open to tantra, seek out a teacher who can guide you both as you learn more about the practic.

The original OSHO Tantra Sex Teaching - Homestudy

After many years of exploration, Dwain Anderson found that the ancient practice of Tantra, with its unique, intelligent approach to sex, had the effect of enhancing intimacy and deepening love. Here she has adapted Tantra for modern Western lovers in a practical, sympathetic way. Tantric Sex can transform your experience into a more sensual, loving and fulfilling one.

“While making love, three things have to be remembered. One is: before you make love, meditate. Never make love without meditating, otherwise the love will remain sexual. Before you meet the woman you should rise higher in your consciousness because then the
meditator meeting will happen on a higher plane.

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