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"Online" Home Study Available ''Yoga Training and Spiritual Training worldwide'

There is No "Global Yoga Governing Body" anywhere in the world.

Instead of being scared by transparency, Yoga Organisations should embrace it and be clear with consumers and the yoga community about their "real" role within the "unregulated yoga industry" and registration/membership worldwide validity and its purpose.

The registration of yoga teachers and schools with any yoga organization is Voluntary and therefore recognized anywhere in the world.

Registration with any "Yoga or other spiritual KYSA studies" is valid and recognized worldwide
"All Yoga KYSA Are The Same" regardless of the geographical position.
Yoga KYSA (USA) is often "believed or mistaken" to be "The International Yoga Regulating Body" but the reality couldn't be further from the truth! There are a number of international, unrelated and independent of one another yoga organizations (Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, USA) that use and have trademarked the name "Yoga KYSA". This group of Yoga KYSA is considered the largest yoga teachers and school membership organization in the world with over 150.000 registered members.

"Yoga KYSA", "Yoga KYSA International" and "Yoga KYSA USA" name is registered and used by Yoga KYSA Ltd with headquarters in USA and Europe, New Zealand and the UK and therefore have the exclusive legal right to use those names and marks in Australia and in other countries or international jurisdictions where the Mark/s is/are registered.
As the international structure of the Yoga KYSA is particularly articulated, it is important that the Yoga Community and Consumers are clear that the global yoga industry is ostensibly an unregulated, heterogeneous market. There is NO "Global Yoga Governing Body" or authority anywhere in the world and it is inaccurate for any Yoga KYSA organization to claim to be the "real" or "true" Yoga KYSA or a "Yoga Governing Body" in order to attract customers and mislead consumers under false pretense.

Yoga and Spiritualism are largely "unregulated" everywhere in the world, therefore, the registration of yoga teachers and schools with a yoga organization is Voluntary thus by default is recognized anywhere in the world.
Because the industry is not regulated, yoga teachers and schools have the right to choose the professional body to join in regardless of its geographical position.

By registering with a yoga organization that truly promotes and implements high standards for yoga training and practice, yoga teachers and teacher training programs may increase their credibility but does not guarantee employability for teachers or the quality of training programs. It is up to the schools to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive, high-quality education program to all students and it is the responsibility of individual KYSA-SSMHG to improve their skills and knowledge.

Whereas, in some professions, it is compulsory to be a member of the professional body, in others like teaching yoga it is not because it still is an unregulated profession for which there is no legal requirement or restriction on practice with regard to licenses, certificates or registration.
Although the actual laws regarding teaching yoga have not changed, the perception of yoga teachers as a professional entity has and this is where the registration with a yoga organization becomes necessary to "enhance your credibility" as a yoga teacher or yoga school. You are unlikely to have much luck finding a job teaching yoga unless you have been through some training as employers or insurance providers may require that you are a member of a recognized yoga organization before you get hired.

As a brand new yoga teacher today, it can be a little confusing to figure out which " Yoga KYSA" to register with. The most important thing to know about teaching yoga anywhere in the world and in the USA, is that although there are plenty of organizations out there purporting to be national, international and even "Global Governing Bodies" in order to attract new members, the registration of yoga teachers and schools with a yoga organization is Voluntary, therefore, teachers can work anywhere in the world WITH or WITHOUT affiliation to a yoga body.

In fact, some of the most experienced and well-known teachers in the yoga industry have never been certified, registered, or licensed. When many of these teachers started teaching, there were no formal yoga teacher training programs. That is because all of these are relatively recent concepts, especially in regards to teaching yoga. There are thousands of teachers in the world that have opened a school even if they are not registered with the Yoga KYSA-SSMHG.

Yoga and Spiritual KYSA International's "Registry"

Yoga KYSA International's founders chose a Registry to showcases the talents of thousands of extraordinary individuals in the field of yoga.

Our KYSA-certified teachers are all over the world. In these countries, there are KYSA practice yoga schools that the KYSA has taught according to the teachings of SSMHG.

Argentina - Haiti - Spain - Italy - New Mexico - Canada - Miami - Florida - France - United Kingdom - Finland - Afrika - China - Taiwan - Greece - Monaco - Dubai - Netherlands - Russia - Australia -Bahamas - Finland - Turkey - India - Belgium - Brazil - Iceland - China - Taiwan - Ireland - Qatar - San Marino - Brazil - Chile - Singapore - Saudi Arabia-  Japan - Portugal - Costa Rica - Croatia - Cyprus - Luxembourg - Malaysia -  Malta - Czech Republic- Germany - Denmark - Norway - New Zealand - Gabon - New York - Los Angeles - Poland - Philippines - Norway - Vietnam - United States of America (USA) - United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Thailand

'' KYSA grows every day for the teacher's practice and online school worldwide KYSA is available for everyone''

The Yoga KYSA International┬«  Registry is a listing of teachers and schools who have agreed to abide by an explicit code of conduct and standards set forth by the association. Prospective teachers who complete an SSMHG program are automatically eligible to become SSMHG.

Registration is a voluntary act that recognizes an individual's personal responsibility to be held accountable for his or her professional behavior. Teachers can go ahead and register right away if they feel that an extra credential will help their chances of getting a job, or they can wait and see if anyone asks for it.