Tantra Sex Online Master Training - Homestudy

 A Tantra Journey Through the Chakras

“From Sex To Superconsciousness” is a term coined by Osho. This training offers an experiential, transformational journey deep into this essential subject. Exploring, understanding and opening the chakra system is key to everyone traveling the path of Tantra – it is a gateway to universal consciousness. When the chakra system is awakened to its fuller potential, we experience ecstasy in everyday life, find flow in our creative expression and are empowered with free-flowing communication and communion in relationships.

During the online courses, we will explore one chakra. We will use Tantra meditation, dance, emotional release, partner exercises, sharing, breath, and massage to support us on our journey from sex to spirit. Whenever you have completed the Tantra Sex courses you will receive a KYSA Tantra Sex Certificate International.

-Master Lover

Master Lover For Singles

Are you ready to be a Master Lover? Discover Eros and Aphrodite awakening during this powerfully transformative courses.

Fulfilling and totally satisfying orgasmic sex is not just a physical phenomenon. Your whole being can flower in love and ecstasy. Surfers are not out to hit the beach – they are there to ride the wave. Likewise, when making love, it is riding the wave which makes the difference between the ordinary and the outstanding.

The arena of sexuality and relating is of vital importance for a nurturing love partnership or a happy marriage yet we are usually catapulted into life without ever being given clear information about how to make love or how to have a deeply fulfilling relationship. World-renowned Tantra teacher Ananda-Sarita has developed the solution, ‘Master Lover’ a process to transform your sexual and relationship experience and lead you on the spiral to heaven.

During the Master Lover group for singles, there will be no sexual union as part of the group structure. The focus is on inspiring you to have the best sex of your life once you learn the unique Tantra techniques which are an integral Part of the group. As you explore your inner landscape and the interaction with other participants, you can decide how much or little intimacy is best for you. Tantra empowers you to make wise choices in your life and to embrace your full potential as an ecstatic being whether alone or with a partner.
This workshop teaches:

Sacred Sexuality

This course is designed as a Tantra journey, which begins by opening up energy pathways, creating space inside for full-bodied ecstatic aliveness. Participants are supported in healing wrong conditioning and trauma around sexuality, discovering a natural and spontaneous sensual expression.
The exploration takes us through various phases of development, such as self-love, same-sex bonding, freeing and expanding male-female interaction, discovering the wonders of intimacy, and embracing sexuality as a sacred doorway to wholeness. The union of sexuality, love, and spirituality is a profound initiation into the sublime world of Tantra.

Tantra: Alchemy of Abundance

In this Tantra course, we play with a wealth of methods, which nurture complete life transformation and fulfillment. With the masterful unveiling of your potential, we offer you the possibility to become a co-creator with the divine, manifesting the life you have always dreamed of. This group is a pilgrimage uniting body and soul as you explore the 7 master keys, revealing your true destiny.

The 7 master keys we cover in this course are:
Sexual Energy, the power and motor of our life force. Everything arises from that basic life force energy. To manifest anything in life, (and to manifest life itself) our sexual energy needs to be flowing and vibrant.

Love is God and God is Love. We live in an ocean of love. Sickness or imbalances of all kinds happen when we feel a lack of love, cut off from love. Reclaiming love as our natural state of bringing the milieu necessary for a life of wholeness and happiness. One of the primary lessons to learn in this regard is; Loving Is Receiving.

Verticality: The natural flow of divine benediction through all life forms is vertical, from crown to sex and down into the earth. In order to receive this divine flow, our chakra system has to be open to receive. Our life force energy is like a river, and any stagnation in the flow will not allow for the flow of grace and abundance

Abundance, Nature is an expression of abundance. The more we are in tune with nature, the more abundant we will be. The problem has been that in our mechanized world, we steal from and exploit nature rather than resonate with her. This psychology is then applied to life in all it’s aspects, leading to misery. To go against nature is to be miserable. Our creativity needs to be an expression of co-creation with nature and with higher consciousness. In order to do this, we need to expand our experience to become one with nature and with the divine energy flowing through all of life.

Techniques of co-creation and manifestation for the life you desire: These are a collection of methods, which support you in discovering the power of intention. The Great Law of Magic as described by Osho is a supreme gift as we enter tune ourselves to what we deeply wish for in life.

Spirituality in everyday life: Meditation means to tune the instrument of your body/mind to the cosmic rhythm. When you are in tune, bliss is your natural state of being. Bringing awareness and love to any life experience opens the door to spiritual life. The fragrance of spiritual life is gratitude.

Playfulness: It is important to realize, that life is Leela, divine play. A playful attitude brings you in touch with the source of all of life from where manifestation originates.


Tantra Spirit

When we move into the arena of personal development and meditation, we seek how to melt stagnant patterns, how to unify fragmentation and find wholeness. To be whole is to be healthy and at peace within.

The Tantra map for attaining wholeness is very simple. Our instinctual sexual nature is welcomed with a loving open heart. It is a spirit that guides our life, but if our instinctual nature is repressed and our heart protected, we cannot hear the messages and guidance of our soul and spirit.

There is a saying from Osho, “Tune in, turn on and go beyond.” This simple message indicates that the path to truth is not long and arduous, but is easily accessible. Exercises, Rituals, Meditations, Dance, Emotional Release, and Massage offer an exceptional opportunity for you to free yourself and fly into the inner sky of your being with joyful abandon. The group is offered in a temple atmosphere of loving awareness, offering a safe space to discover the Tantra Spirit.

True fulfillment happens when our body heart and soul are all dancing together in harmony. Tantra is a lifestyle that helps us free up our ecstatic potential and breathe each moment in loving awareness, whether alone or with a partner.

Tantra: Sensual Awakening

During this group, we explore the door of the senses, using exercises and meditations designed to heighten our capacity for ecstatic awareness and sensitivity.

Each sense can function in two ways, one towards the outside, and another towards the inner refinement of that sense. For example, our two eyes see the world around us, and can also be turned towards clairvoyance, or the opening of the third eye. Likewise, we have a ‘third ear’, (clairaudience) an intuitive sense of touch, (clairsentience) and a sense of smell and taste with which we can experience the very essence of life.

Awakening our bliss is easily activated through experiential methods of sensual awakening, some of which come from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, a 5000-year-old treatise on Tantric Meditation. You may never have dreamed that conscious eating and drinking can be an ecstatic meditation practice, or that smelling can awaken us to our potential to love and be loved. Feelings, including emotions, are often regarded as troublesome and not quite ‘civilized’, and yet when we move into the world of feelings as an awareness practice, we discover freedom and ecstasy. And so it is that each and every sense is a portal into expanded consciousness.

When senses are awakened, there is more awareness of our life direction and a heightened quality of joy in everyday life. Tantra offers methods, to unfold our greatest potential of bliss and fulfillment. We become ‘lovers of life.’

Tantric – The Power of Now (Tantra Tachyon combo)

Tachyon is a healing modality that can greatly accelerate the spiritual awakening process. Now, Sarita and Soham have combined Tachyon with Tantra, creating a highly supportive environment for rapid streamlined breakthroughs into the fullness of your potential. Both Tachyon and Tantra teachings work with coming into the present moment, becoming love itself, and the dissolution of ego-based mind and conditioning. Tantra uses meditation with sensorial awakening, and Tachyon teachings focus on opening the vertical channel running from the crown chakra to base chakra, releasing any stagnation which prevents us from being one with all that is.

The combination of these two powerful teachings is bound to create radical transformation in participants. These courses is suitable for both newcomers to Tantra and Tachyon and also for those who have already experienced one or both of these modalities and wish to accelerate and deepen their journey. The purchase and wearing of the powerful Tachyonized Vortex Pendant are included as an integral part of this course.

  • How a man functions sexually and emotionally

  • Integrating love and sex

  • Differences in the male and female brain

  • New Perspectives and Understanding on Sexual Anatomy

  • How a man can last longer during sex

  • Full Body Orgasm techniques

  • The art of maximizing woman’s orgasmic capacity

  • How a man can recharge himself after sex

  • How to use self-pleasuring as a tool for becoming a master lover

  • The importance of touch and methods of touch for optimum lovemaking

  • Bringing a spiritual understanding to sex, love and relating

  • The basics of how to integrate Tantra into Sexual Relationships

  • The “Spiral to Heaven”