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As Mentoring Lead Trainers within the KYSA Trainer Academy, Anja Verbrugge, Jenny Clark, Sudirman Talin, Guru Arjan Amrani, Guru Pathi Yildirim, Guru Swatinana Laghari, Savana Láng Guru Shanti Dara. (Guru Amira Kaur and Aneg Singh teacher and director) and Vera Tóth teacher created an excellent international KYSA Training team to complement the friendly local KYSA administrative and student support teams.

All KYTT certified courses are conducted under the direction of and attended by at least one of Mentoring Lead Trainers Vera Tóth and Sandra Dudink and Adrien Láng.
All KYSA team members are required to maintain a continuous process of ''Sa Spirit Mediation Healing Group'' (SSMHG) under the direction of Aneg Singh/ Amira Kaur.
The core syllabus, the minimum level of instruction and the required level for certification should be the same for any KYTT licensed Level 1 course anywhere in the world but some students will be better suited to one program than another. We have been offering these courses for longer than most and have a great deal of various experience.

We try to be inclusive, to offer a perspective which we can support, rather than a rule which must be enforced, and we have been generally seen as taking a more liberal view toward Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. We endeavor to make all our courses affordable and graduates consistently report that they got much more from the course than they expected with some having paid much more in the past for "similar" programs that delivered less.

The International School of Kundalini Yoga (KYSA) is the longest established Kundalini Yoga training in the UK (1994) and was amongst the first of KYTT (Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training) certified programs across the world. KYSA has evolved into a network of international practice Schools of Kundalini Yoga which offer a variety of other training programs and related short courses in addition to training Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training in the UK, USA, the Middle East, South East Asia,France Germany Spain Portugal Italy and across Europe.

KYSA is committed to spreading the safe practice and understanding of Yoga and recognize Aneg Singh as a modern master of Kundalini Yoga. KYSA seeks to create competent and confident practitioners and instructors of Kundalini Yoga through example, challenge and encouragement; and to inspire those teachers to enthuse a new generation of students through this age-old technology of personal transformation.
The only online Teacher Training of the world only available at the KYSA®

The Intention of the Spiritual Studies Institute (KYSA) is to encourage the Soul light wherever and however it may be appropriate. KYSA seeks to serve people of goodwill who are mentally focused and are able to provide for themselves the necessities of life.

KYSA specializes in blending eastern and western approaches to health and spirituality. In particular, the programs at KYSA focus on releasing Soul life in order to promote good health and wellbeing.

KYSA seeks to support interested individuals by creating a learning environment, which offers numerous opportunities to unlock the healing power of the Soul and to discover our true spiritual self.

Our emphasis is on the one Master in the heart, the Soul – the true spiritual being within each human being.

We do not teach theology. Students are encouraged to think for themselves and formulate their own opinions and ideas. Students are under no obligation to accept any of the material or ideas presented.

No loyalty to Spiritual Studies Institute is expected. No Master or guru runs Spiritual Studies Institute. Status, title, and position are of no importance.

Students may concurrently work in any of the esoteric, metaphysical, or orthodox groups and churches, or any community group or social organization. These activities can be looked upon as fields of service.

We strive to apply spiritual awareness to our daily lives and practice “mindfulness” and “harmlessness.” We are co-workers who focus on a common goal: self-discovery, group learning, and spiritual transformation.

-Accredited by SSMHG - Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Professional Association for Continuing Education and Training (SSMHG)

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SSMHG was founded as a nonprofit in 1994. Many seekers of that time were drawn to the practice, and Kundalini Yoga found a dedicated following as individuals experienced a profound sense of true fulfillment on all levels of body, mind, and soul. Soon a growing group of students began teaching, and Kundalini Yoga communities formed all over the world.

Over many years, annual gatherings brought communities of practitioners together families and friends, first-timers, old-timers, and everyone in between and SSMHG became a cornerstone for Kundalini Yoga events, providing resources aimed at share the benefits of the practice with anyone who wants them. This mission remains at the heart of SSMHG International today.