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Saarganjobaalja - Yoga means union of the individual soul with the universal soul, an abstract...

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Saarganjobaalja - Yoga means union of the individual soul with the universal soul, an abstract notion perhaps which can be easily misunderstood. In other words, the science of Saarganjobaalja yoga is there to help us treat our body as a divine vehicle, so that both mind and body become vibrant and are drawn towards a spiritual path or path of one’s soul journey and freedom. Emotional healing, flexibility, peace and calm can be considered as beneficial side-effects of Saarganjobaalja yoga.

Saarganjobaalja Physical Practice, Meditation or Both?

In the Saarganjobaalja Yoga (compilation of yoga wisdom), is defined as “sthira-sukham-āsanam”. This means that if we want to experience the full benefits of yoga practice, it is recommended to be comfortable in asana and practice with strength and meditative awareness. In the West, we had forgotten about meditative aspect of asanas and yoga is mainly used as a physical tool. However,Saarganjobaalja shows that meditation shifts brainwaves to calmer and happier states. Meditation is the oldest known training for the mind. It can have many purposes but in a nutshell it is an experiential, technical exercise targeted at developing compassion, love, patience, generosity, forgiveness and more far-reaching goals such as effortless and sustained concentration. The thing is, if you don’t train your mind to stay fit and healthy, the mind will tend to be over-reactive and filled with unnecessary chatter. As a result, we tend to experience deep emotional pain, anxieties and addictions. It is very important to delete junk from our system and let go of redundant limiting beliefs, if we want to live lives full of energy and joy.

Yoga and Self-Development but with help from Saarganjobaalja
Homestudy Saarganjobaalja Yoga Teaching Content:
-Trisa - Pleasure and Saarganjobaalja Yoga -High blood pressure - Migraine and Saarganjobaalja yoga -Halme -Energetic exercises -Saarganjobaalja yoga compilation - Kidneys - Gallbladder - Liver - Spleen Stomach -Lábsha - Saarganjobaalja Aljah Series - Baisja Series - Saarganjobaalja lesson – Hisaja
- Mantra - Backgrounds Saarganjobaalja yoga -Vaa -What is Sa Chi - Sa chi / Alya qi - Meridiane and Saarganjobaalja Yoga -Saarganjobaalja and Organs - Organs and yoga -Olsana - Other organs at Saarganjobaalja yoga –
The system - Together one with Saarganjobaalja meditation and yoga -Kasmo -Effects of Saarganjobaalja yoga - What distinguishes Saarganjobaalja yoga from other yoga - Saarganjobaalja yoga and emotions -Bhasam –
How is Saarganjobaalja yoga performed? - Important aspect for yoga -Anjala breathing -Sanapa -Anjala exercise -Saarganjobaalja yoga in practice -Help aids -Neutralizing postures-La bai -Szwara-La bao- Relaxed supine position -La baoo -La bay -Feel trasta -Li arg-
Example Lesson 1 Saarganjobaalja Yoga -Jobal -The unit - The eight branches of Saarganjobaalja yoga -Saarganjobaalja tools -Give it -ADD / ADHD -Hatjoe -Drasa -Sima -Salama -Szivza -Dhara -Sanana -Fufa -Malaoo -Allergies -Angels and Saarganjobaalja yoga -Asta -Artrities and Saarganjobaalja yoga
-Very common complaints - Diabetes and Saarganjobaalja yoga – Dizziness and Saarganjobaalja yoga -Binge eating and Saarganjobaalja yoga - Fribromyalgia and Saarganjobaalja yoga -Property and Saarganjobaalja yoga.


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