Kundalini Yoga Teacher Communication

How to communicate as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher?

Communication tips for yoga teachers - Ekhart Yoga
Communication is very misunderstood by all human beings
  • When you are angry. 
  • When you are emotional. 
  • When you are hurt. 
  • When you are insecure. 
Or when you are into an ego trip. 
That's when you feel you must talk. And that's why you mess up!
Because when you talk it should be about the future, not about the past or the present. 
Communication is the art of building heaven in the future. 
After years of ministerial counseling, I have come to the conclusion that most problems between people are problems in communication. Yes, of course, we all have our neuroses, and trust is a major issue, but when two people really communicate with each other, a lot of problems can be solved. Even wars eventually have to go to the negotiating table to finalize peace. Why not start there? There is a whole science to effective communication so that your words will be received and understood the way you intend them. Yogi Bhajan's doctoral dissertation titled: Communication, Liberation or Condemnation, is on this very subject. It goes into great detail about the use of the various chakra( energy centers) in communication.
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