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Home Learning & Home Study Courses

Here at KYSA, we have several home learning courses available to you, all at the click of a button buy. Whether you are looking to top up your existing qualifications with home study in a core subject area or are yoga teaching on a spiritual growth study, we have a range of courses and options to suit your requirements.

By KYSA/KYTT/SSMHG up on these core subjects, you may find more employment doors and opportunities will come your way. A complete career change is an exciting time. Perhaps you are looking for a course specific to a certain career, such as Teaching Assistant, Counselling of Shamanism or Mediumship or perhaps even Life Coaching or Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. We have many different online home study courses, both in paper and online formats, to cater to each individual circumstance, all packaged with great support too. There are various levels of qualifications too, including an impressive range of vocational qualifications linked to many sectors in the industry.

Why KYSA-KYTT for home learning?

Distance learning and home learning courses hold many advantages over college-based tuition. The quality of home study courses is high and is now considered to be as good as the qualifications awarded after studying in a more formal setting. You gain your qualifications without worrying about giving up work or incurring large student debt. You can study at home, the local library, cafe, anywhere that suits you and in your own time, at your own pace.
Accessing home study courses

Studying and training need to fit around your life, work, and family commitments. We have a range of adult learning courses in subject areas you will find interesting, practical and stimulating. With home learning courses you are able to take the courses at your own pace, in your own time and with the help available from our expert course tutors and the student support team.

Great support with home learning courses

Experience - We have over 24 years' experience in Spiritual Growth studies and we understand that you might need a little help and support along the way. Our vast selection of a lot of spiritual distance learning courses offers you useful home learning solutions that have relevant and practical use in the workplace.

Accredited Courses - The courses are accredited by 'Sa Spirit Meditation Healing Group' International KYSA.

Take the first step in realizing your potential - talk to us today to discuss our impressive range of online learning courses. It will be the best decision you will ever make!