Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

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Many people are clairvoyant, clairsentient, or clairaudient, but don't actually know that. By means...

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Seventeen Online Spiritual Growth Education

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Spiritual Master Content:
  • Reiki 1 Reiki 2 Reiki 3 Master                                                                                                                                                   
  • Saarganjobaalja Meditation and Healing Master,      
  • Angel Therapist Therapist
  • Mediumship Therapist
  • Psychometry Therapist
  • Shamanism Healer Master
  • Voodoo Master


Spiritual Growth ROSS-Online Studies in One Package

The KYSA offers a total package for spiritual growth. Because spiritual is not just "something", we have listed the most important studies. This is really for people who want to develop seriously in feeling and experiencing energies. Perceiving identities, overcoming fear, and posting events that you otherwise could not post. It is often necessary to carefully consider the basics before you can go a step further. That is why KYSA has put together a Growth Package for you in various options.
After learning all the appropriate courses, you really are the Master of Spiritualism and can sit down various practices you want. This way you can see what suits you best.
This are the spiritual Growth Studies.
*Reiki 1 Reiki 2 Reiki 3 Master
*Saarganjobaalja Meditatie and Healing Master
*Angel Therapist
Have you ever said a prayer and found that it was answered instantaneously? Have you ever had a dream that was a premonition of an event to come? There are some things that happen to us in our lives that modern science fails to explain. These are examples of spiritual experiences that often accompany spiritual practice. Spiritual experiences are given either by the Divine or by negative energies. This article explores the concept of spiritual experiences in-depth and provides guidance on what to do when one experiences the supernatural.
Price of this total Downloan Package $3000
This is including 10 years free registration of SSMHG

Registration Spiritual Growth 7 Studies

Reiki 1 Reiki 2 Reiki 3 Master, Saarganjobaalja Meditation and Healing Master, Angel Therapist, Mediumship, Psychometry, Shamanism, Voodoo,

Spiritualism Therapist
The SSMHG Association is part of a well-established religious tradition, called Spiritualism, which is science, philosophy (love of knowledge and learning), and religion (reverence to live as purely and truly as we know-how) of continuous life. Many fine organizations and churches serve this beautiful religion. The following teachings represent the key aspects of Serenity's understanding of Spiritualism, which are followed by a number of spiritual quotes from the Living Light Philosophy.
It teaches personal responsibility.
It demonstrates that death is not the end of life but a change of condition of the individual consciousness. It removes all fear of death, which is but a door to the loving spirit world.
It teaches that man is spirit and has a body and mind with which to work for his soul's purpose of gaining understanding here on earth. It teaches that man's spirit is the spark of Divinity which dwells in all living things.
It brings to the surface man's spiritual talents, such as inspiration, intuition, clairvoyance, and healing powers.
It teaches that every spirit will progress through the ages to an unfoldment, sublime and glorious. It teaches us to be patient with ourselves and the world that is around us, for the earth is young inexperience and the cycles of its development are far from complete.  Patience is the greatest wisdom. The spiritual life must be learned and earned.
It teaches that God is not one individual but all individuals. This Divine Intelligence is expressing through every form of life on the earth and in the etheric realms as well. We are individualizing within the God-consciousness which supplies generative power for the universe. This great play of life is unfolding so that the whole can know itself.

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