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Five-star training ***** It has never happened before. Parapsychological science and psychic...

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What is ghost hunting? What kind of equipment do you need to go on a ghost hunt? And is it as dangerous as they say? With the ghost hunter education online you learn exactly everything how to deal and how to work as Ghost hunting Master. After graduation, you will be able to give excursions yourself and to go to old buildings and castles with groups. You can go to homes with a lot of activity on request. Often the spirit still needs to be helped to the other side. As a Ghost Master, you are able to clean ghosts and/or space in the right way. As a Ghost Master, you can get answers to unsolved cases from the past. Many deceased want to give something to their after-existence. This can even go back centuries. The Ghost Master can also play a major role in this.
Learn all about finding ghosts.
You will learn all the pros and cons of working with Spirits, channeling, dimensions, working with equipment to film spirits, and take pictures. With the Ghost Hunter training you will learn how to work for a team in order to conduct good research in a professional manner. Unfortunately, we still see a lot of mistakes with working with ghosts today, because people do something and are not trained to work as professionally as possible. We not only track down the ghosts but also work on the solution. The enlightenment to help the mind to transition to another dimension.
It often happens that haunted houses, buildings, churches, castles, and more. ... But not being able to post why this is happening. Is evil nice? Is it the case that people are crying out for attention or is it the case that something has not yet been closed on earth. We are all going to learn this step by step.
It is a versatile training where you learn the right topics to start your own Ghost Hunter team. The training is available in Download Version with equipment or without equipment.
Five-star training ***** It has never happened before. Parapsychological science and psychic feelings meet in the work of Ghost Hunter. Science and feeling seem to complement each other very well. Especially when it is "about the paranormal". So little is known yet, but now it is different from the recognized training, everything will be different. Form your own Team. The mystery of life has many facets.

A revealing and penetrating and moving training with professional support SSMHG.
1. Never go alone
Always take a friend or two with you when you go ghost hunting. They can help if something goes wrong, as well as be the extra pair of eyes and ears you need to validate potential manifestations. Ghost hunters joke that it’s not the ghosts they’re scared of, but the real people. Be cautious of entering “abandoned” spaces, which might be serving as encampments for people, or have security alarms in place.

2. Choose accessible locations

Find out exactly where the paranormal activity has been reported and check if it’s accessible to the public. Trespassing should be avoided, and it’s best to get written consent from the owner to avoid any legal trouble.
You should know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there (and back).
Always ask permission if you want to investigate a private property.

3. Check it out during the day

Check out the location you want to investigate during the day to get a feel for the area. Make sure you know exactly where the haunted hot spots are.
In addition, look for any places that could pose a problem during your ghost hunt. You may also consider drawing out a map with potential hazards, as well as nearby walkways and roads.
4. Prepare carefully
Do your research about the reported hauntings and the entities involved. Some investigators believe that certain entities have the ability to drain fully-charged devices, so make sure your equipment is fully charged and bring extra batteries in your bag.
Also, make sure your camera settings are correct to avoid tinkering with them during your ghost hunt.
Dress appropriately: wear your comfiest walking shoes and a warm jacket. Tie your hair back and consider wearing a headlamp to light your way.
5. Say a prayer for protection and guidance
If you encounter a real ghost, you may need a little extra help to make it through. Saying a prayer for protection and guidance never hurts.Depending on your religious beliefs, you can also meditate or simply send out some positive thoughts to the universe before you go.These are the words we usually use before heading out on our Paranormal Investigation and Haunted SF tours:
To the earth and those who lie beneath
To the paths we are about to walk and to those who tread them before us
To the homes, we will enter and to whom they once housed
To this city and its echoes
Know we come in blessing and we wish you only peace
6. Don’t just charge in
You wouldn’t enter a strangers house and start a party, would you? The same rules of common courtesy apply in ghost hunting.
Don’t just start running around taking pictures left and right. The spirits you are investigating were once people too, so start your investigation calmly and carefully, with measured and deliberate pacing.
7. Talk to the spirits
Introduce yourself to the spirits, let them know you mean no harm, and ask their permission to take pictures.
Invite the spirits to be in your photos. If they respond, thank them.
Explain what the tools are that you’re using. Ghosts from 100 years ago won’t recognize tools like a spirit box or EMF reader, so a simple explanation can help spirits feel more comfortable.
When you leave, thank them for having you–and ask them not to follow.
8. Follow your instincts
If you feel the need to take a photo of something, do it.
If it seems like something or someone wants to talk to you, tell them you are open to a conversation.
And if you feel an overwhelming urge to leave, take that as a serious warning that you should not be in that space.
9. Say another prayer, out loud
Before you leave the haunted location, say another prayer.
Thank the spirit world and ask that nothing and no one follow you home.
You may also do a quick cleansing ritual to make sure nothing paranormal “sticks” to any member of your group, by burning sage (to cleanse of any negative spirits/energy) and palo santo (to welcome in positive spirits/energy).
10. Leave the location as you found it
Respect both the dead and the living.
You can touch things, such as walls or tombstones, but don’t move them or alter the location in any way.
In addition to being disrespectful, messing with the scene can get you in trouble with the spirit realm.
It may increase the chances of something following your home to “return the favor.”
The Necessary Ghost Hunting Tools
You don’t need a lot of equipment to go on your first ghost hunting adventure. Since ghost hunting equipment can be pricey, we recommend that beginners test the waters with basic gear first.
The “basics” are:
Voice recorder
Point-and-shoot camera
Electromagnetic radiation detector (EMF meter)
However, if you want to upgrade your gear, here’s the next level:
Infrared temperature detector
Dowsing rods
Parabolic listening device
Spirit box or electronic voice phenomena (EVP) scanner
What can you expect from the Ghost Hunter training?
-You learn how to best track ghosts
-How you can start an investigation
-How to transfer spirits to another dementia
-The positive situations for mapping with an investigation.
And so much more.
-After the training you are a certified Ghost Hunter and you can keep your practice and start investigations.
-Below you will find the training content:
Content of Ghost Hunter
Ghost Hunter
Module 1
p- What is a paranormal experience
p- Paranormal dreams
p- Watch impressions
p- Hallucinations
p- Seeing the future
p- the difference between the paranormal and normal
Module 1
Hunter Powers
h- Two selves and three mental level
h- Center of your head
h- Recognize pendulum and energy
h- Make a pendulum
h –How to hold the pendant
h- Successful commuting
Module 1
Spirit appearing
g- Energies that linger
g- Example 1
g- Example 2
g- Real haunted houses
g- Fekete Kastely Hungarian
g- Practical excursion during practical training Fekete kastely
Module 2
p-shamanism psychic experiences in different cultures
p-paranormal surgery
p-voodoo psychic healing
p-area and ESP
p-ESP clairvoyance
p-psychokinesis PK
p-what parapsychology is not
Module 2
Hunter capabilities
h-focused attention
h exercise 1 ability
h exercise 2 focus of attention
h exercise 3
h-relaxation exercise 1
h breathing
h exercise 1,2,3
h confirmation
h visualizations
Module 2
h self-protection
h-spirits and intuitive development
h grounds + exercise
h-spirits and intuitive development
h exercise grounds 1.2
h-talk to the earth
h exercise talking to nature

Module 2
p-successful commute
p exercise 1
p exercise 2
p exercise 3
Module 2
G-Brabant village
G-Brabant village write a report
Module 2
Assignments Module 2
Module 3
P-Philadelphia experiment
P-consciousness state
P-Trance and hypnosis
P increase in body awareness
P-front and background Focus
Module 3
-How do parapsychologists work?
-Examination of special cases
-Experimental method
-Holy lives

Module 3
Example Ghost apparitions
Module 3
-Starting problem pendulum
-When the pendulum doesn't move
- correct erroneous results
-physical senses.
-Shuttling with cards
-The use
-Create cards
Module 3
Spirit appearance
Exercise with calls
Q board
Module 4
P-What we observe
P- received telepathically
Exercise 1 in pairs
Exercise only 2
Exercise 3 partner
Exercise 4 group
Exercise 5 group
P-Sensitivity to people and objects
Exercise 1 person sensitivity
Exercise 2 color sensitivity
Exercise 3 sensitivity to playing cards
Exercise 4 sensitivity for group playing cards
Exercise 5 sensitivity to coins
Exercise 6 sensitivity to emotion group
Exercise 1
Secular investigation
Intuitive exercises
- exit
-fly exercise
-According to the Chinese model
-five elements
-energetic work
Inductor frozen
Black legs from the ceiling

Module 5
Do assignment with flashlight MET Meter, Recorder Ghostbox, Sensor, Rem pod with Temp, Laser Grit Scoop digital, EMF meter,
-Graphrover Aberdeen + assignment
- Commissioned Buildings Visits + Equipment

Module 6
Crystal ball exercise
Paranormal Readings
ESP extrasensory perception
Dreams and ESP
Intuitive development
Visualization and transformation exercise
Pictures change exercise
Blow up images exercise
Tracking earth rays
Gaining power
Immunity system
Interfering radiation
Investigate interfering radiation
Five disturbing radiation
Indirect radiation
Spirit appearance
G-Coffin in the bedroom
G-Antique Mirror
P-spirits in the house
Module 7
-The paranormal ability for the projectability
-Telepathically sending
-To cure
-P dreams about the future
-Intuitive development
- Let energy flow
-P Neutralize earth rays with Ghost Hunger
-Radiation sickness
-Twelve o'clock
-Ghost castle Dorwerth

Module 8
P- Psychics, Medium, Guides
P- Exercise group, exercises only
P- Intuitive exercises
P- Exercises
P- Shadows
P- Acknowledge fear and negativity
P- Meet other helpers
Spirit appearance
- Estate inhabited by Spirits
- Estate home assignment
-The spirit of man and animal
-Entities of animals
-Ghost Hunter Team
-Hospital Hunter story
- Fears of appearances

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