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Kundalini Healing
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If you want to vibrate in love, add some hibiscus flowers (Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis) to your daily program. Ayurveda calls this beautiful deep red herb Japa, because it strengthens devotional meditation on God's Name. Hibiscus flowers destroy spiritual and material obstacles and assist us in realizing our goals. 
They are used to purify the physical and spiritual heart and to promote wisdom.
Hibiscus makes a cooling beverage for beating the summer heat. It is also generally beneficial for kidneys and reproduction (first and second chakra disorders), and these beautiful flowers nourish the skin and hair. Brew a delicious tea and drink throughout the day as you prefer.
Rose petals, little known as herbal medicine here, are popular in the natural healing systems of Asia, where they are used to cool and uplift the mind. 
They are especially good for reducing excess fire tattva, and its fiery emotions and passions, and they make a good laxative for people of the fiery constitution. Taken internally, this delicious remedy soothes not only a hot mind but also inflamed surfaces, such as the digestive tract. To regulate menstruation, add some rose to your routine and increase the amount gradually until you notice a positive effect.
Often rose petals are mixed with honey or raw sugar and allowed to marinate for a year, creating a sweet, appealing jam, used as a tasty confection with a cooling laxative effect. Likewise, brew rose as a tasty tea, perhaps blended with other cooling herbs. Rose-infused ghee is an effective Ayurvedic preparation to cool the heat of an over-energized mind and body.
As we move through our journey toward attaining a life of gratitude, grace, and universal love, it doesn't hurt to have a few guideposts along the way. Bringing a little discipline to the diet and relying on some daily herbal remedies can add a much-needed dimension to the yoga.
If you are tired of being in a battle with yourself and your body, or you are sick of having the number on the scale determine how much you value yourself, and you have had enough of hating your reflection in the mirror, this course is for you.
If you have been in a relationship where you've been made to feel less than, or if you have spent your life in a toxic relationship with yourself and your body, it is time to heal.
If you are struggling with aging, uncomfortable in your changing body, or dealing with a chronic illness, this education is for you.
This course will support you if you have had body image issues, eating disorders, and food addictions, but it also will serve those without any of these challenges who just want to learn how to deepen into a state of radical self-love.
KYSA Teachers guide you to develop a deeper conversation with your own body that is loving and kind. 
You will learn to have dialogues of support and understanding with yourself and create a foundation of self-love that can change the trajectory of your future.
"We've all experienced low self-esteem, and in this course, we learn how to use that to springboard to greater self-acceptance."


Tuning Mantra
We live in a sea of energy. Energy vibrates. There's a particular vibratory frequency corresponding to every sound in the universe. 
By vibrating a particular combination of sounds you tune in to the various levels of intelligence or consciousness. 
Consciously or unconsciously, purposely or at random, you personally choose the programs that play on the screen of your mind by the thoughts you think vibrate, and the words you speak vibrate. Mantras are combinations of syllables consciously constructed to connect with specific levels of intelligence. 
Using a mantra is like dialing a phone number. If you want to talk with your friend in Florida, you don't call the San Diego Zoo.
he knowledge of the meaning and power of sounds and the use of the sound current is contained in the ancient technology of Mantra Yoga. it is a major factor in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. We've already said that Kundalini yoga is a sacred science. It is a spiritual practice. "Spirituality" is contagious. You have to get it from someone who's got it. That's why we start each class by 'tuning in' to the wavelength of the teachers who've got it" so we can receive their vibration. the mantra we use to accomplish this is ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO. These code letters not only invoke the blessing of your own highest self, but they open the protective link between you and the long line of Spiritual Masters who have preceded us on the path. This transmitting of higher consciousness from Master to disciple which has been going on for thousands of years is sometimes called the "golden chain."
ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO is chanted and vibrated to assure the purest inner guidance for your practice of Kundalini Yoga.
Here's how to turn the dial of your mind and switch to the channel that will give you the clearest reception for the technology of Kundalini Yoga, and the elevated consciousness vibration that comes with it. I'm going to explain this in great detail because it's really important that you get started correctly from the very beginning. Sit with your spine straight. Preferably sit cross-legged on the floor. In yogic terms, this cross-legged position is called Sukh Asan which translates as "easy pose", though it may not be easy for you. If you can't sit on the floor, you can sit on a chair, just make sure that both feet are planted firmly on the floor with weight equally balanced. Keep your spine straight. 
Place the palms of your hands flat together at the center of your chest, fingers pointing upward at a very slight angle outward. 
The sides of your thumbs press lightly but firmly at the center of the sternum. This pressure stimulates a nerve ending that goes up to the brain, we call it her "mind nerve". This mudra is called the "prayer Pose". Not only does it make you look saintly but it helps concentration.
ONG - means the creator the one who created you.
NAMO means reverent greetings, and salutations.
GURU is the giver of technology, the teacher. Teacher, is the one who gets rid of ignorance.
GU-darkness RU-light, that which dispels darkness.
DEV- means transparent
Important concepts:
1, There is nothing more powerful than a meditation on your breath.
2, Chanting is not singing.
3, To make any mantra more effective, chant from your navel point.
Being able to concentrate, being one-pointed, and able to keep your attention focused is not only useful for meditation it also comes in handy for baking a cake, writing a symphony, or riding a bicycle. Successful completion of any job requires us to corral and harness the multitude of scattered thought fragments flying widely about in our untrained minds. keep the palms pressed firmly together. 
The palms contain nerve endings corresponding to the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 
Pressing them together helps to balance the logical hemisphere of the brain with the creative, intuitive hemisphere. 
This balance is important for successful concentration. Pull your chin back slightly, to help straighten the spine, allowing freer movement of the Kundalini energy upwards.