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The 10 day DETOX program from the - E-BOOK The key to losing weight and keeping it off is...

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Magine you're a flower. It might sound funny, but just go with it. So you're this flower that's been quietly hibernating all winter long, waiting for the sun to come out and the temperature to rise so you can blossom again. The weird thing is that when the sunshine and spring conditions finally arrive, you're not growing—not an inch. In fact, you're drooping a bit and your head is low. It turns out that the groundwater you've been taking in through your roots is loaded with toxins, and now there's a buildup of some bad stuff in your stems. Though your body has a
self-cleaning process, it's overloaded right now. What you need is a detox.
"Detoxification" means the removal of toxins from the body. Just like flowers, humans absorb toxins—preservatives, pesticides, stimulants, and heavy metals—through food, water, and air. Also, your own body produces toxins, called metabolic waste products, as a natural result of processes like digestion and respiration. Luckily, your digestive, endocrine, and circulatory systems come equipped with a complex set of mechanisms designed to eliminate these toxins through your mouth, eyes, skin, colon, urinary tract—even your breath. The trouble is that too much sugar, caffeine, and processed foods, little to no exercise, and stress can slow the body's natural detox function to a sluggish pace, says Argwaim Sigh, a yoga teacher, holistic chiropractor, and co-founder of Clear the Toxins, a detox program based in KYSA.

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The 10 day DETOX program from the KYSA - E-BOOK
The key to losing weight and keeping it off is maintaining low insulin levels. Based on groundbreaking Blood Sugar Solution program, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet presents strategies for reducing insulin levels and producing fast and sustained weight loss. You can lose up to 10lbs in 10 days! In The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet. Activate your natural ability to burn fat - especially stubborn belly fat.                    
Reduce inflammation -  Reprogramme your metabolism - Shut off your fat-storing genes - De-bug your digestive system - Create effortless appetite control and soothe the stress to shed the pounds. With convenient and practical tools such as meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists, as well as step-by-step, easy-to-follow advice on green living, supplements, medication, exercise, and more, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet is the fastest way to lose weight, prevent disease, and feel your best. 
If you are looking to make changes to your diet start off with this simple ten-day detox plan. It is gentle and cleansing for your digestive system and will help you eat more mindfully...
This detox plan is not about strict fasting or skipping out food groups. It is about giving your body a rest from some of the common toxins we take in. Changing your diet habits for a little while can also help shift some of the unconscious eating behaviours you might be doing, so that after the seven days you might notice you are more naturally drawn to healthier food choices.
General guidelines
  • Use organic and fresh produce when possible  
  • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas
  • Try to eat in a relaxed, calm space (if that’s not possible take a few deep breaths before eating)
  • Eat grains only at breakfast; lunch and dinner should consist of steamed greens and vegetables
  • Chew everything you eat very well, mixing the food well with your saliva
The detox process
When your body starts to get rid of toxins, it is possible that you’ll feel a little bit tired or weak, or that you’ll experience some other symptoms. Keep an eye on your intake of water when that happens — you need to drink extra water during a detox. Feeling good and clear usually happens around the third or fourth day.
If you feel you need some extra fuel, eat some protein-rich food around lunch time. This could be free-range/organic eggs or some pulses, such as lentils, mung beans, garbanzo beans, or black beans. Try to avoid meat or fish, but if that is not possible try to make it steamed or grilled white fish.
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