Sleep and Kundalini
Have the Happiest Night's Sleep After this Kundalini Yoga Kriya
Have the Happiest Night's Sleep After this Kundalini Yoga Kriya
Is Kundalini Yoga good before bed?
Kundalini Yoga is here to help. When done correctly, it can put you into a calm, restful state in nine seconds flat. Some of the Kundalini yoga technologies for sleep not only create balanced circadian rhythms, but they deepen the glow of the skin, making you more sexually magnetic.
If you have been practicing Kundalini yoga for a very long, you know that it helps you sleep better at night. There are dozens of scientific research papers published on the effectiveness of yoga in reducing insomnia and aiding in other sleep disorders. The preparation for sleeping begins before sunset for the yogi.
Four Simple Steps to Deep, dreamless sleep
Even if you haven't followed all the preliminary steps to the letter (but you're wise if you do!), you can still try this routine when you finally do lie down: 
1, Lie on your stomach and turn your head so that your right cheek is on the pillow  (or the bed as you prefer). This will automatically free up your left nostril to bring in the cooling, soothing, calming energy.
2, Start long deep breathing, inhaling maximum, exhaling maximum. Of course, you are only breathing through your nose, keeping your mouth closed. Breathe consciously. Concentrate on making each breath as long and deep as you can. Think of the sound SAT as you inhale, and NAM as you exhale.
3, After a few long deep breaths, use your arm or hand to completely block your right nostril. Continue long deep breathing only through the left nostril. 
4, When you feel yourself reaching a slight stage of drowsiness, which usually takes about ten complete breaths, turn over onto your back or your side as you wish, depending upon how you are most comfortable. Continue long deep breathing until you are fast asleep! By the way, it is better for your heart and your digestion to sleep on the right side than on the left. Plus, of course, it keeps your left nostril open. 
As soon as the breath becomes regular and slow, you will go quickly through the preliminary stages of sleep and almost immediately reach the deep dream, less sleep state, avoiding the energy draining dream stage altogether. Plus you'll be able to come back out of deep sleep more easily and gracefully when it's time to wake up.