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Chakra Yoga Teacher Training - Home Distance Course

Chakra Yoga is the definitive guide to healing through the chakras. Within this "Complete Chakra Yoga Teaching", are all the key concepts and tools you need to understand the seven chakras and balance them through a yoga practice. Each chakra is fully explained, and features a unique practice that heals and balances that energy center on every level: body, mind and soul.
Open Chakras
Medical science has shown that chakras in the body can become unbalanced due to negative thoughts, chemically processed foods, and other environmental factors.
With 'Opening the Chakras' is meant that you restore the balance in the Chakras so that the energy can flow properly through the body again and you do not feel sick, sad, anxious, or depressed.

Weakly developed Chakras

One of the chakras that is most often underdeveloped, or out of balance, is the first chakra. This often results in fear and insecurity in people. The annoying thing about this is that this is your 'base chakra'. If this is out of balance, the other energy points in your body also work less well.

You can recognize a weak first Chakra, for example, by:

Little physical energy.

How you feel is highly dependent on external factors. When everything goes well you feel fine, but when things don't go as planned you feel anxious and insecure and you don't feel good about yourself.
You have little faith in things that are outside your comfort zone.
You believe that money can give you security.
Other signals such as: eating disorders, pain in legs and feet, weak immune system.

Highly developed Chakras

One of the main reasons we do Yoga and Meditation is to keep our mind and body in balance.
For example, all postures and techniques have been developed to stimulate certain parts of the body, so that the energy can flow through them properly.
That's right...Opening chakras.
One of the easiest ways to do this is breathing.
If you breathe shallow and hurriedly, you are not using the full capacity of your lungs.
In short, the breath does not enter the bottom of the pelvis at your first Chakra, making it unbalanced.
A shallow and high breath in the chest creates fear, uncertainty and stress. You signal your subconscious that you are on the run and that you have to fear for your life. This is completely correct when you consider that you feel anxious because the breath does not reach the lower chakra. If you feel anxious and insecure, it means that your first chakra is out of balance, as I explained above.
If you do send the breath down into the pelvis, your subconscious will receive a signal that you can calm down and focus. In other words, you are less insecure and anxious.
In addition, there are many Yoga exercises that you can do to stimulate the energy flow through the chakras and to better direct the breath there so that you strengthen the functioning of the chakras.

Chakra Yoga Teacher Content:

-M1, Prana, Mirror image of the body - the feet, Anatomy of the feet, The health of the feet and the vitality of the body, Failures in the energy flow, Toes and neck, Foot yoga against heavy legs and varicose veins, Exercise for the feet , Preparing to feel foot chakras, Exercise 1,2, Tadasana, Exercise 3, playing the piano with toes, Exercise 4, Walking backwards, Exercise 5, The calf pump, Exercise 6, Roll down foot seats, Exercise 7, Flexible ankles, Exercise 8, Upright posture, Exercise 9, Long legs, Exercise 10, The monkey, Exercise 11, Foot massage, Exercise 12, Ball massage, Exercise 13, Butterfly, Exercise 14, Vein currents 1, 2, 3, Exercise 17, Lying tree, Exercise 18 , Lying butterfly, Exercise 19, Four Chakra connection, Exercise 20, Savasana, Savasana, The pelvis - root chakra, Pelvic floor muscles, - Strengthen pelvic floor, Blood flow with Prana flow, Pelvic floor feet, Exercise 23, raise knees, Exercise 24 leg stretch, Exercise 25, the spider, Exercise 26, Pelvis tilt, Exercise 27 the slope, Exercise 28 the half bridge -ardha setu, Exercise 29, The forceps - paschimottanasana 1, Exercise 31, The forceps - paschimottanasana 3, Exercise 32, The grasshopper - ardha salabhasana 1, Exercise 33, The grasshopper- Ardha salabhasana 2, Exercise 34, The grasshopper - ardha salabhasana 3, Exercise 35, Knee pillow, - Uttanasana 1, Practice example lesson, Exercise 36, Knee cushion - Uttanasana 2, Exercise 37, Uttansana 3, Exercise 38, Hip dance, Exercise 39, Sit of the yogi - Utkatasana, Exercise 40, Navasana, Exercise 41, Exercise 42, Exercise 43, Exercise 44 Yoga Mudra , Assignments M1,
M2, The abdomen sacral chakra, The inner life of the abdomen, Cleaning by fasting, The Holy Power, Exercise Increase, Preparation, Exercise 45, Exercise 46, back roll 1, Exercise 47, back roll 2, Exercise 48, back roll 3, turn sit 1 Exercise 49, Exercise 50, Exercise 51, Exercise 52 sitting balance 11, Exercise 53 sitting balance 12, Exercise 54 sitting balance13, Exercise 55 pyramid 1, Exercise 56 pyramid2, Exercise 57 pyramid3, Exercise 58, Plow 1 halasana1, Exercise 59, Plow 2 halasana 2, Exercise 60, Plow 3-halasana 3, Exercise 61, close meditation the lotus flower, Meditation posture without body feeling, Example lesson, Exercise,

M3, belly button solar plexus chakra, The fire of feelings, Detox by massage, Intuition, Exercise to increase energy, concentration on the sun, Exercise 2, trunk racks 1, Exercise 63, trunk racks 2, Exercise 64, trunk racks 3, Exercise 65, Seated triangle 1, Exercise 66, seated triangle 2, Exercise 67, seated triangle 3, Exercise 68, Turning seat 4 Matsyendrasana 4, Exercise 69 , turn sit 5-matsendrasana 5, exercise 70, turn sit 6, matsendrasana 6, Exercise 71, Dancer 1 - Natarajasana 1, Exercise 72, Dancer 2 - Natarajasana 2, Exercise 73, Dancer 3 - Natarajasana 3, Exercise 74, Triangle 1 - Trikonasana 1, Exercise 75, Triangle 2 - Trikonasana 2, Exercise 76, Triangle 3 - Trikonasana 3, Exercise 77, stretching sideways 1 - Parsvakonasana 1, Exercise 78, stretching sideways 2 - parsvakonasana 2, Exercise 79, stretching sideways 3, closing meditation, To the oldest Mantra, Assignments,

M4, The heart chakra, weak heart, Heart chakra and joy of life, Exercise for the heart chakra, Movement meditation now 80, Exercise 81, fish1-matsyasana 1, Exercise 82, fish 2 matsyasana 2, Exercise 83, fish 3 matsyasan3, Exercise 84, camel 1 Ustrasana 1, Exercise 85, camel 2 ustrasona 2, Exercise 86, camel 3, Exercise 87, chest stretch 1, Exercise 88, chest stretch 2, Exercise 89, chest stretch 3, Exercise 90, Tree 1-Vrkshasana1, Exercise 91, Tree 2 -Vrkshasana2, Exercise 92, Tree 3 - Vrkshasana3, Exercise 93, Triangle 2 - Trikonasana 2, Exercise 94, Triangle 3 - Trikonasana 3, Exercise 95, Triangle 4 - Trikonasana 4, Exercise 96, Hero 1 - Virabhadrasana1, Exercise 97, Hero 2 - Virabhadrasana 2, Exercise 98 Hero 3 - Virabhadrasana 3, Heart Mudra Meditation, Mudra between body and soul, Example lesson, Assignments,

M5, Neck Chakra, Oxygen Miracle, Harmonic Vibration, The Supported Power of Stones, The Bridge between Heart and Head, Exercise for the Neck Chakra, Preparing, Exercise 99, Yogi Breathing, Exercise 100, flowing mudras, Exercise 101, Turning the Shoulder, Exercise 102, turning arms, Exercise 103, propeller, Exercise 104, curved spine 1, Exercise 105, curved spine 2, Exercise 106, curved spine 3, Exercise 107, stretching neck muscles 1, Exercise 108, stretching neck muscles 2, Exercise 109, stretching neck muscles 3, Exercise 110, dream in the wind 1, Exercise 113, gull-Bhegasana 1, Exercise 114, Bhegasana, Exercise 115, Bhegasana, Pranayama, Assignments, Module 5,

M6, Forehead chakra, Clear Head, the gateway to our subconscious mind, the third eye, the gateway to subconscious mind, exercise senses, exercise for harmonizing, Exercise 118, Alternate Breathing - anuloma viloma, Exercise 119, body turning, exercise 120, humble posture 1,2,3, exercise 123, dog 1 - shvanasana 1, exercise 124, dog 2- Shvanasana 2, exercise 125, exercise 126, Moon 1 - Chandrasana 1, exercise Moon 2 + 3, Exercise 129, 130, 131, Arrow 1,2,3, Exercise 132, Exercise 133, Exercise 134, shoulder position 1 -Sarvangasana 1,2,3, Exercise 135, Concentration on an object, Pratyahara, Practice Lesson Module 6, Assignments, Mainstay

M7, Bamboo stalk, energy flow through the spine, a thousand flowers of sahasrara, spiritual knowledge, exercise for the spine, preparation, chakra colors, Exercise 136, Exercise 137, standing arch, Exercise 138, knee pillow, Exercise 137 moon, Exercise 140, shvanasana, Exercise 141, cat, Exercise 142, dandasna cat Exercise 143, cobra 1,2,3, Exercise 144, Exercise 145, closing meditation, Surya namaskar, eight disciplines of Patanjali, consciously live every day.

Chakra Yoga Teaching Training, Now available in Paper Version or Download Version
Chakra Yoga exercises are exercises that often refer to the effect they have on the Chakras, the energy pathways in your body. Chakra Yoga alone is not an official Yoga form. So often Chakra Yoga means a Yoga form where exercises are used to open your Chakras. Chakra yoga is the most important form of yoga to open all energy lanes.
Chakra Yoga has many exercises because this Yoga form has important characteristics such as: The Yoga exercises are dynamic, so all exercises run smoothly into each other. The Yoga exercises are tied to a fixed time. All exercises must be performed within a specified time.
In addition, the exercises are often performed by making many movements, this releases the energy from the Chakras. Also called Kundalini energy. Breathing is of great importance. These characteristics ensure that these Chakra Yoga exercises focus extra well on opening your Chakras. You get a lot of energy as a result, and you start to feel more and more "in balance".
So if you want to focus on opening of your Chakras than is this Chakra yoga teaching realy for you. Chakra Yoga is the most suitable form of Yoga to keep you busy with.

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