Stress Burn-Out Coach

Stress and Burn-out Coach (Home Distance Education)

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About the Stress and Burn-out Coach training
In the Stress and Burnout Coach training you learn to understand and apply the causes, consequences and solutions of stress and burnout. You want to help people who are struggling with stress problems, who are stressed or who have even ended up in a burnout. You learn to analyze their personal background, recognize patterns in work/life and how they can find their way back to balance.
Goal training Stress and Burn-out Coach
A Stress and Burnout Coach trained by KYSA has all the necessary knowledge and skills to help people with stress and burnout complaints. You learn what stress and burnout are and you can advise individuals, also within organizations, preventively and curatively in the field of stress management. With the learned skills, you are able to effectively guide people with stress and burnout complaints to a balanced life pattern.


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