Kundalini and Stress
Kundalini Yoga help reduces stress because it promotes relaxation, which is the natural opposite of stress. 
Kundalini Yoga can benefit three aspects of ourselves that are often affected by stress: our body, mind, and breathing. 
You don't have to wait to feel stressed out to do Kundalini yoga, and you shouldn't!
Here are three important meditations to share with your family and friends. Your enemies. Your neighbors. Your grocer or your dry cleaner!
Here are three dynamite kriyas that are designed to work on the number one killer in our nation, STRESS. If you want to feel relaxed and mellow, practice these three unusual meditations. 
1, Pittar Kriya. Put your left palm at center of your chest  on heart center, right elbox bent, youar right hand, cupped, moves past your right ear, as if throwing water back behind you over your shoulder. Keep the right arm moving back and forth, making sure that the wrist passes the rigtht ear, afor 11 minutes. Set a timer, or watch a clock, because the time is to be exact. Not less, not more. Then inhale deeply, hold the breath while pressing the arm as far back behind you as possible. Repeat the inhale and hold twice more. This Kriya is to eliminate stress and clean the liver. 
2, This is for the glandular system and brings all the chakras into balance: Bend your elbows and press them in at the rib cage, and with your palms facing up, hold onto the first joint of the Saturn middle fingers of each hand with the thumbs, and then release quickly with a jer,, meanwhile chanting rapidly aloud in a monotone, HAR, HAR. With each flick of the fingers, over and over again using the tip of the tongue. Continue this rapid clicking motion. The a in har is a short sound, pronounced like the first syllable in a gain and the r is rolled. Eyes are fixed at the tip of the nose. After 11 minutes, inhale deeply and hold your breath, while continuing to capture and then release the tip of the Saturn finger with the same springing motion. Exhale and inhale again, hold your breath and keep your fingers moving. Repeat the breath inhalation and retention once more, for a total of three times. The thumb represents the Id. 
For the nervous System, Works on your ability to do gets rid of your junk. Gets rid of madness. Look at the tip of your nose. Extend your arms out straight to both sides, keep them straight no bends in elbows, palms down, and crisscross them in front of you, horizontally, over and under while chanting HAR continuously, consciously using the tip of the tongue each time the arms cross. After 11 minutes, inhale deeply, and hold your breath while you continue to move the arms. Repeat the breath inhalation and retention twice more, and relax. For more about Kundalini Yoga and stress, you will learn in the complete Kundalini Yoga Teacher Home education. For registration go to the link below: