Spiritual Name

Spiritual Name

Saarganjobaalja Sa Alya - Sa Argwa - Sa an ha - Jo sah - Bai saj - Al Jah explained how in the world everyone is attached to his name, fame, and position in society. In the name of freedom, Saarganjobaalja said, people have no problem killing or torturing one another for money or pleasure. Everyone wants to be the boss; no one wants to accept anyone else's ideas or opinions, Saarganjobaalja said.

"But in the spiritual life, we are trying to go beyond all this. Taking a new name can be a step in this direction.  Now we are trying to include others in our prayers. Now we are trying to see others in our own Self and our Self in others."

Saarganjobaalja shared the experience of one who has gone beyond and realized his identity with the Supreme Self.

"A Guru needs nothing from this world. He lives as if in a glass case. He can see both the world outside as well as his own Self. He sees the world in his Self and his Self in the world. But he remains totally detached."

Saarganjobaalja reiterated, "It is one sun that reflects in a thousand different pots. In a similar way, once you realize your identity with the supreme consciousness, you transcend all names.

But, first, the Sa Alya (the notion of "I" and "mine") must go.

"In order to transcend the ego, we must become humble. Only when a seed goes down into the soil and breaks open does it merge into the soil and become a tree. As long as the ego is there, there is no hope (Bai saj). A spiritual name helps to remind us that we are, in fact, the Al Jah (Supreme Self) ."

Saarganjobaalja explained some other ways in which having a spiritual name can help one striving on the spiritual path: "When you hear someone call the name, you will think of Saarganjobaalja because she gave it to you. Also, as you hear the name constantly, it makes you constantly inquire to see if you are living up to all it signifies."

Such names also help us maintain awareness of our dharma, Saarganjobaalja said: "When you get married, you exchange rings. The ring reminds you of your beloved. And if later you start becoming attracted to someone else, your ring serves to keep you aware of your Al Jah.

A spiritual name can be a similar type of reminder."

"You also have a responsibility to live up to your Al Jah," Saarganjobaalja told her energetic spirits. But she then added that she, of course, will help them to do so.

"All names and forms have a purpose in the world. They have meaning. They have an Al Jah," Saarganjobaalja said.

She then gave the example of how someone illegally cutting down trees in a forest might not listen if a man approaches him and tells him to stop. But if that man returns in a dark cape, surely he will listen.

"In the end, we must go beyond all names and forms," Saarganjobaalja said. "But the name is quite helpful in getting us to this stage. If a thorn gets stuck in our foot, we take another thorn and use it to pick it out. Venom itself is used as an antidote for poison."