Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy

Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy Teacher Training Course

Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy Teacher Training Course

Special offer Prenatal Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Pregnancy can be an emotionally and physically...

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Prenatal Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training
Pregnancy can be an emotionally and physically demanding time, and Yoga has shown a multitude of benefits for moms-to-be. Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful method to prepare for childbirth and beyond. 
Become a certified and confident Prenatal Yoga teacher. Complete the education at your own pace.
1.Benefits of Our Online Training
Added Flexibility and Self-Paced Learning
Our online course allows you to study at your own leisure and schedule your study time to suit your personal routine. Another benefit is that there are no deadlines for completing the course.
2.Unlimited Access to Online Videos
This is a unique benefit of online learning. You can re-watch the videos at any speed. Allowing you to grasp concepts you could have missed in a class environment.
3.Unlimited Personal Support
Our online yoga teacher training comes with unlimited teacher support. This means you can contact the teacher for support as often as you need, even after completing the course.
4.Lifelong Access
Over time we tend to forget details. Our online course gives you lifelong access to log in and review the concepts anytime. All material is yours to keep forever.
5.More Affordable
 Our Online course costs less than half of the onsite course. You also save on travel, lodging, and commuting expenses.
→ What is Kundalini Pregnancy Yoga?
→ The benefits of Kundalini Pregnancy Yoga
→ What should the student know?
→ What should the teacher know?
How to prepare class materials?
Important facts about pregnancy
→ Important alignment clues for Kundalini Pregnancy Yoga
→ The fundamentals of pregnancy anatomy
→ The different hormonal stages


→ Prepare the student for the physical changes
→ The importance of initial relaxation
→ Sun Salutation warm-up
→ Benefits and variations of asanas for pregnant women
→ Dynamic exercises for pregnancy
→ Restorative and therapeutic asanas
→ Most important 15 asanas
→ How to sequence a pregnancy class?
→ Special mudras (gestures) for Pregnancy Yoga

How to Teach:

→ Teacher's posture, voice tone
→ Class set up, music and light
→ Guiding the student to connect with her inner power
→ Guiding the student to balance the emotions
→ Helping with the inner fears
→ Birth as a natural event
  • Back issues

  • Stomach issues

  • The pelvic floor

  • Constipation issues

  • Incontinence issues

  • Sleeping issues

  • Posture issues


What to always do and avoid in Pregnancy Yoga class?

Highlights the first trimester
Highlights the second trimester
Highlights the third trimester
Ten days before the labor
The importance of breath
Visualizations and relaxations
→ Visualization of the body
→ Create physical space
→ Induction of state
Pregnancy Yoga Nidra


  • Breathing during labor
  • → Visualization to give a birth
  • Special class for labor
  • Special class for labor with partner

What You Will Learn

Here is an overview of what you will learn in this 85-hour Pregnancy Yoga teacher training course

  • Pregnancy yoga & its benefits
  • Yogic philosophy for pregnant women
  • How to prepare class materials & use props
  • Fundamentals of pregnancy-specific anatomy
  • Advanced adjustments for pregnancy asanas
  • The different hormonal stages
  • How to build a class for different body types
  • Asana modifications & variations 
  • Safety guidelines for specific pregnancy issues 
  • Proper use of props during pregnancy 
  • Advanced sequencing
  • Hands-on assistance during pregnancy
  • Special relaxation & breathing exercises
  • Business aspects of prenatal yoga