Frequently questions KYSA

*How do I deliver my homework?

-On the website, you choose (Insert Homework).

-Fill in Name and Surname                                                                                                                                             

-Email address

-Registration number.                                                                                                                                                           
-Level 1 module...                                                                                                             

-Total question/answer.


*How am i quided?

You will be assigned by a personal teacher when you start the training. He /she will guide you with the whole training.  

He/she give you answers to all your questions and homework.

*Can I teach after the teacher training?

After the training the teacher training, you are able to teach on location all over the world.

*What does it cost to register on SSMHG.

After obtaining the teacher training, you are automatically registered with the SSMHG. There are no additional charges.

*How many hours should I follow the yoga exercises?

It is the intention that you continue to repeat the lesson material. Total will consist of 500 hours of teaching material. Even after obtaining the diploma, it is the intention that you keep repeating the exercises.

*Ho do I follow the online lessons?

-You can do all theory and practice lessons in your own environment, all questions and answers are handled via mail. Your personal trainer will answer your questions and guide during and after the training.

*How do I receive the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Teaching Package.

-After registration, you will receive the payment details and registration via e-mail. After receiving the payment, we will send the Download version (PDF) file in your mailbox. Or the Paper version with the present we will send from the main office in Hungary by post to your living address!

*Why is studying at the KYSA better and more effective?

-By the personal intensive guidance, KYSA is very interested in how you think and feel during the training. KYSA, always keep this in mind. That is why we also have open questions and assignments (no multiple choice questions) so that there is a better insight into your personal growth and insights!

*Can the levels of the Kundalini Yoga training be followed separately?

No, We use all Levels in one study. This is because as a teacher training institute we do not want to deliver half work! The Kundalini Yoga Study will, therefore, teach you everything you need to become a good Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

*Does it matter in which country I live?

No! If you have an internet connection and a pc laptop, you can legislate and get your training. We will support you in all countries, all over the world. No Matter what!!


*How do I register with KYSA Kundalini Yoga Teacher TrainingĀ®? Or Spiritual Homestudy?

You can find detailed information, including step-by-step instructions, on our Study registration page. 

*What are the requirements for registration with Yoga KYTT?

To register with Yoga KYTT, you must complete teacher training at a registered Yoga School (S.S.M.H.G Sa Spirit Meditation Healing GroupĀ®) at the 200, 200 and 300 or 500-hour level including Level 1 Level 2 and Level 3 E-learning. When you complete your training, you will be given a certificate to submit when registered with Yoga KYTT. Registered Yoga Schools listed on the online Directory are currently registered with Yoga KYTT. Contact the director of teacher training at the KYTT to inquire about the program content, fees, schedule and style of yoga that they teach. After complete training free registration at the SSMHG, this goes automatically with your certification.

*Do you accept applications from trainees of non-registered schools? Do you allow registration if the school was not registered when I completed my training but is registered now?

To register with Yoga KYTT, you must complete a KYTT 200-hour or 500-hour teacher training program ' in your free time'. When you complete the training, you get a certificate to submit with your application for registration. You will receive a certificate after each level. We do not accept applications from trainees of non-registered schools. Your school must be registered at the time of your program completion in order to register with the KYTT.

*I am trying to register/upgrade, but my SSMHG is not on the list. What should I do?

If you are unable to find the SSMHG where you completed your yoga teacher training when your registration, please confirm the following:

Your school is registered with Yoga KYTT/KYSA or is registered when you completed your training.