Stress and Burn-out Coach (Home Distance Education)

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What do I learn in the Stress and Burn-out Coach training?
Central to the Stress and Burn-out Coach training is learning to guide people with stress and burn-out-related complaints. The training is a combination of knowledge acquisition and practical experience. You experience what it is like to work with a client and what you encounter in coaching conversations. During the training, a lot of attention is also paid to your personal process. The basis for a good coach is an insight into your own themes and recurring patterns.
At the end of the Stress and Burn-out Coach training you will be able to:
Establishing relationships between cause, effect, and solution in stress and burnout-related complaints.
Expertly tackle 'Public disease number 1' of this time and guide people with stress and burnout-related complaints in a professional manner.
Offer relaxation exercises to reduce stress.
People learn to build up their energy levels.
Starting a practice independently as a Stress and Burn-out Coach.
As a Stress and Burn-out Coach giving expert advice to people within a business, healthcare, and the health sector.
What can I do as a Stress and Burn-out Coach?
A Stress and Burn-out Coach, trained by Sonnevelt, can work professionally, whether or not from his own practice, in advising and guiding people with stress and burnout complaints.
What is stress & physiology of stress
  1. Overstrain and burnout
  2. Mental and physical interventions for stress and low energy
  3. Inspiration and spirituality and meaning
  4. Power of positive thoughts
  5. Nonviolent Communication and NLP
  6. Coaching on lifestyle
  7. Professionalization of the Stress and Burn-out Coach
  8. Supervision