Mediumship and Psychometry

Mediumship and Psychometry
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Two courses in one study in Downloadversion Normaly you pay 549 dollar. By following two courses in one you will receive a (150 dollar study benefit). Now you pay 399.- dollar.
For the mediumship study you learn even better to learn how to work with psychometrics. During the Mediumship and Psychometrics program you will be fully intuitively trained with all the knowledge in the subject medium and psychometrics.
Complete Mediumship development , psychic spiritual training as home study.
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Mediumship content training:
Module1 -  All about channeling and guides                                                                   
Module 2 - Working with energy
Module 3 - Prepare yourself for channeling
Module 4 - Psychic Protection and Purification
Module 5 - Activation of the channel process
Module 6 - After channeling: what now?
Module 7 - For others channeling
Module 8 - Channel special topics
Module 9 - Frequently asked questions about channeling
Module10 - Passages from channeled information
Openbook exam!
Psychometry training content:
History, Psychometrics, development, clairvoyance, exercise center of your head, practical examples, analyzer, colors, exercise, practical example, earth and body, grounds, exercise, psychometrics,    how does psychometry really work, exercise object, psychometry exercise, assignments, Practical example , Blow up images 1, 2, What do guides and angels do, Inner teacher, discover your own prayers, practice your own sanctuary, practice preparation, meet your inner teacher, exercise your teacher, orbsen what are they, statement in a row.
Recognizing a signal, letting energy flow, exercise, letting earth flow, room readings, practical example, a temporary soul, psychometrist exercise 1, requesting clients, practice example,flying exercise, practice example psychometry exercise 2 clothing, practical example, assignments, What is psychometry still more, exercise for a group psychometry 3, Psychometry 4, practice visit, your aura cleaning exercise 1, Your aura cleaning exercise 2, Create your own space visually,practice example, use the chakra system during psychometrics, chakra's chakra exercise, Psychometrics on the street,
Psychics, practice example, psychic space, psychometry meditation technique, clearing chakra cords, psychometrics 3 group, psychometry meditation, psychometrics group exercise, mediums, personal guides and helpers, meeting other helpers, reading aura with psychometrics, workspace for practicing psychometrics, exercise sanctuary , aura and psychometrics, Psychometrics 4 + psychometry 5,
Openbook Exam.