Reiki 3 Master Degree

Reiki 3 Master Degree
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Reiki 3 Master Course

Follow the complete path to traditional Mikao Usui Reiki Master through an exciting and inspiring online home study with one-on-one guidance.

    * Dynamic Reiki exercises
    * Master symbol meditations
    * Conversation techniques
    * Compile teaching materials
    * Learn to give the Reiki initiations
    * Tips for your own courses and courses
Fantastic training, where you get a lot of knowledge and inspiration that you can give to your students. Who then pass it on to other people. Setting up a new profession and / or a new practice helping people, guiding people, children, animals It is wonderful to be able to create something beautiful with Mikao Usui - Reiki life energy.
When you start Reiki you want nothing more than to put your hands on people, animals, children. The feeling of warmth, the life energy, the unprecedented strength and also physical and mental support. Share your knowledge of experiences with your students. This is a training where you can become a Reiki master for an affordable price.

"Complete your Reiki circle for your own development."
Hawayo Takata, the 3rd grandmaster

Born in Hawaii, Hawayo Takata lived a normal life until her husband died in 1930, after which her life changed drastically. She had to take care of the family as a breadwinner and that was difficult for her and she fell ill. In 1935 she decided to make the crossing to Japan and find a hospital. She ended up in a hospital in Tokyo. The research revealed, among other things, gallstones and a tumor. Just before the operation, Hawayo Takata had a feeling of “this is not necessary”. The feeling persisted, she gathered all her courage and asked one of the employees if there was no other way.

This told her about another way. "In a clinic close to this they treat without surgery," he said. That same day she was in the Reiki clinic of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. One of the first questions he asked her was, "Are you in a hurry?" She had to think about it; how long would the treatment last? Days, weeks, months, or longer, said Dr. Hayashi. She thought and agreed. She was treated daily by several Reiki therapists at the same time. What struck her was that everyone made the same diagnosis without measuring anything and that they all had those incredibly warm hands.

As the treatments progressed, her interest grew. By the time she was cured, she asked if she could learn this too. This was not stimulated, Reiki was the secret of Japan. Yet Dr. Hayashi decided to make an exception. Ms. Takata received the first degree of Reiki. Later, Dr. Hayashi allowed her to take the second degree of Reiki. At some point she relocated to Hawaii and opened her Reiki practice there. In 1938, Hawayo Takata became a Reiki Master. Two years later, in 1940, he invited her to visit Japan. His end was approaching and he had decided, in consultation with his family, that Hawayo Takata would be his successor. After the formal ratification, Chujiro Hayashi passed. Takata has spread Reiki across all continents. In the last part of her life she trained 22 Reiki Masters. At the moment, there are about a thousand traditionally trained Reiki Masters around the world.